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Personal Injury Accident? Criminal Charges?

Personal Injury Accident? Criminal Charges?


Don’t ignore hidden injuries in a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a vehicle accident, victims can suffer from many kinds of severe injuries. While cars are equipped with airbags and seatbelts to secure and protect passengers, they may only be able to minimize injuries and not reduce them entirely.

Many people who have been in a collision may believe they were uninjured, finding they weren’t bruised or cut, however, some injuries aren’t immediately apparent. Even a minor fender bender could cause hidden injuries. You should always seek medical attention after an accident, and victims who delay an evaluation may develop symptoms from serious injuries.

Here’s what you should look for after a collision:

4 commonly hidden head injuries

One of the most vulnerable body parts in a car accident is the head. The head doesn’t have any kind of strap, unlike the torso, otherwise, it could impair a driver’s visual awareness and responsive time. Instead, as stated above, in an accident, the head is protected by the vehicle’s airbag, however, the airbag may set off momentarily too late to seriously reduce injuries.

The following are commonly hidden head injuries:

  • Concussion: This injury occurs when the head suffers from a blow or strike or sudden. It’s not uncommon for victims who experience a concussion to lose consciousness. Victims may even develop memory issues, headaches and other symptoms after a concussion.
  • Contusion: It’s not common knowledge that the brain can be bruised. This can cause swelling and may even lead to internal bleeding. A contusion can lead to serious medical conditions such as seizures and nausea.
  • Hematoma: A blot clot or internal bleeding around the brain may be the result of a hematoma. Hematomas are typically categorized in severity and can range from a single spot or run the lengths of the head, however, no matter the severity, they can cause swelling, deformities and headaches.
  • Skull Fracture: There’s often no telling how severe a skull fracture is from the outside. Some skull fractures may be minor with little discernible issues, but should still be taken seriously. Other skull fractures may further injure the brain.

Serious injuries can lead to many months and years of surgery and rehabilitation. You may need to know your legal options after a car accident to prepare for medical debt and losses.